Squad on a Mission

Breitling wanted a showcase of their boutique in Sydney’s CBD via a short video. Alongside the renovated and expansive boutique, Breitling had three new watches they wished to be featured. Quite simply, the team was able to shoot the boutique and watches seamlessly providing additional allure to what was already a beautiful location. In post-production, the video was edited in various aspect ratios and speeds to ensure effective delivery across YouTube, TikTok, etc.

Breitling is a brand about daring and adventure. Their adventurous spirit is built from their brand heritage and that informed the creative process. From the music choice to the kind of pieces featured, motoring, a pillar of our branding became a creative focus.

By highlighting the pieces of motoring and aviation concern within the boutique, we delivered a showcase that perfectly brings attention to what the Breitling Sydney boutique is all about.

An Adventurous Spirit

An Adventurous Spirit

Breitling has an adventurous spirit that mimics our own here at Ten Pieces of Eight making the project an incredibly smooth and professional experience. Everything from the direction and the focus was a collaborative effort with both parties happy with the final result.

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