The Art of Fusion

Our work with Hublot involved social media and video production. The video production was designed to showcase the newly renovated Hublot boutique in Sydney’s CBD. It took only a small team to shoot the location and combine it with product photography and video to deliver an incredibly chic and sophisticated video to be used across a variety of digital platforms. This showcase was also edited in a variety of ways to ensure proper viewing across various platforms.

Hublot as a brand that isn’t afraid of being bold and breaking the norm. They embody a free and creative spirit that remains sophisticated. We channelled this brand identity to create something incredibly slick and stylish that encapsulates everything that makes Hublot special.

As a partnership and collaboration of sorts, Hublot understands that not all brilliance comes from recognised names and brands. Sometimes it means taking a risk with a relative unknown to push a brand forward into its next era.

Taking a Chance

Taking a Chance

Hublot was brave enough to take a chance on Ten Pieces of Eight and both parties ended the project feeling very satisfied. It may have been a simple boutique showcase, but no matter the size of the project, the team will always put their best foot forward and deliver the best results possible.

If you’re interested in premium marketing content similar to what we’ve done for Hublot, please reach out to us at Ten Pieces of Eight to organise a meeting and discuss what we can do for you.