It's Simple Finance

Keeping Loans Simple

It’s Simple Finance is a mortgage brokerage who wanted to experiment with their marketing efforts. They weren’t satisfied with their previous marketing strategy that was more in line with other brokerage firms. Instead, they thought it best to educate and entertain consumers who may or may not become future clients.

This strategy required shooting a podcast and short form video for social media surrounding the topics of finance and property.

The podcast involved organising guests to appear who were knowledgeable within the finance industry and then ensuring that pre-production received the proper attention so that the shoot went smoothly. The podcast has been successful not only as a product in itself, but as a social media tool with short segments of it shared to social media that both increase the podcast’s reach as well as promote the mission to educate and entertain.

Simplicity, Ingenuity, and Accountability

The short form videos were designed specifically to be shared on social media. These were produced to appeal to the eye so included deliberate set design and coloured lighting. The scripts were produced to be short and to the point to provide consumers with bite-sized factual information while still being entertaining. Utilising the personality of the host within those scripts was essential for effective delivery.

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